The Thirteen

In ages long past, the world was broken. The most recent epoch saw the death of the gods, the destruction of world. The breaking of the world sundered its magic, destroying the structure it once had. Out of this death and chaos the elements were reborn, becoming the Thirteen.

Many millenia after the Shattering, the people of the land have left the safety of the adamant walls in which they took shelter. The brave, the adventurous, and the foolhardy took the the reforged world, experimenting with its new magics, seeking out ancient relics, and founding new planes of existence. Once again the halls of Death are walked by the living brave enough to face its dangers and resist its seductive call.

Now, a new force has appeared. The Immortals, travelers from other planes, unable to slain by normal means. The Immortals have proven to be highly varied, and their origins shrouded in nearly as much mystery as their ability to return from Death without the assistance of magic.

Welcome to the world of The Thirteen!

Specific house rules can be found under House Rules on the wiki. Enjoy your stay!

The Thirteen

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